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Full Spectrum Neuro CBD Water Soluble

CBG-Rich Neuro is a unique full-spectrum water-soluble formula that is different from our other offerings. This water-soluble formulation is surrounded by a liposome which creates an emulsion to allow delivery to the endocannabinoid system through water-based beverages. Made with the highest quality, organically grown hemp. This is a fast-acting, easy to use product that can be used for both oral consumption and topical application.

Neuro:  CBG Water Soluble is not a CBD isolate product; it is a water-soluble, high-CBG full-spectrum with .03% THC. 

CBG / cannabigerol is gaining increased attraction in the scientific community as it interacts with receptors in the human body differently than other cannabinoids.

Product Information:

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • All Natural
  • 900mg+ of cannabinoids, high CBG (nicknamed our “Neuro” water-soluble)
  • Full–spectrum cannabigerol—dominant in CBD
  • Uses SunMed's patented water-soluble liposomal formulation for delivery, allowing for higher bioavailability and faster absorption.
  • This CBG product is available in a high–strength 900mg concentration.
  • SunMed (Your CBD Store) water-soluble cannabigerol will have a slightly earthy taste and a whitish color due to the suspended cannabinoids. Mix with liquid to drink.
  • 30mL bottle with marked dropper.

Full Spectrum Neuro CBD Water Soluble

SKU: 3200022
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